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Telstra traces decline of sensis
A former Telstra CEO once dismissed the threat of Google on Sensis as just 'Google, schmoogle'; now, the company is selling off its majority stake in the directories business for close to 5 percent of its value just nine years ago.
Online purchases up 46pc since 2011
AUSTRALIA is seeing a second wave of growth in online shopping, but local retailers aren't missing out, according to a study reports The Australian 30th December 2013
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ITs Easy Website Hosting

Hosting is the online equivalent to renting out a storefront to house a bricks and mortar business. Any shop or restaurant owner will tell you that success is about “location, location, location,” and the same is true in the online world. 

Hosting problems cost you and your business money. Your reputation and income will be greatly impacted if your e-Business site were to go down for any significant length of time. Since Google is now using server statistics such as the location and speed of a site’s server as ranking criteria in search results, proper hosting is imperative to online success. 

If you want your site to work for you, you need to secure a high speed, reliable, redundant, Australian-based hosting arrangement. If doesn’t matter how slickly designed or user-friendly your site is if viewers get an “unable to load” message when they try to access it. A down site means stalled business and lost customers. 

With ITs Easy, there is no need to lose any sleep over hosting issues. We manage our own servers at a high security server farm in a Brisbane data center. This facility provides a guaranteed 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the server’s uptime via the use of self-healing architecture to quickly resolve any issues that may occur. We are proud to offer Australia’s most reliable hosting platform and service.