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A former Telstra CEO once dismissed the threat of Google on Sensis as just 'Google, schmoogle'; now, the company is selling off its majority stake in the directories business for close to 5 percent of its value just nine years ago.
AUSTRALIA is seeing a second wave of growth in online shopping, but local retailers aren't missing out, according to a study reports The Australian 30th December 2013
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Email Is Crushing Twitter, Facebook for Selling Stuff Online
Despite the hype around social media for business, it still seems that traditional organic listings, cost per click campaigns and Email rule for selling stuff online.
AUSTRALIA could become the mecca for online businesses with more web stores opening up and more average online spending here than anywhere else in the world, new research shows.
Review your Brand
With the year well and truly under way it’s tempting to get down to work and miss the “forest for the trees”. The new year is a good time to take a break, stand back and look at your business as a whole and see what it is you could be doing better.
Businesses have to realise that the game has changed and on-line research and eCommerce is here to stay. If they don't realise the opportunities fast enough they risk going the way of HMV, Darrell Lee, Crazy Johns and many other retailers that have gone under in the past year.
2012 Australian Website and eCommerce Statistics
If you needed any more motivation to get your website ready for 2013 see Digital Ministry's summary of stastics from 2012 - 26 Sizzling Australian Digital Stats to round out 2012.
Google has just released three videos criticising on-line retailers for their poor service.
The returns you’ll see from SEO can be much better than other forms of advertising and direct marketing.