Our Web Design and Development Process

Our experience has allowed us to develop a set of procedures that guarantees the development and implementation process runs smoothly without causing any hassle to our clients. By closely following this process, we’re able to ensure that we meet your budget and time constraints while delivering a dazzling website. 

Step 1: Plan

In order to build an effective online presence, we start by building a solid foundation through careful planning. We take our time to ensure that we understand your goals so that we can build a website that is in line with your company’s vision and branding strategies. 

Step 2: Design

Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s time to get our creative juices flowing. Our team will brainstorm to come up with a unique design that will make your business stand out against the competition. Everything we design is conceived from scratch, with website navigability and ease being top priorities. 

Step 3: Code

After the design is finalized, our skilled coding team moves in. They will develop the back end and functionality of your website. Our team builds high quality websites that adhere to the most current standards, using clean and systematic mark-up. 

Step 4: Test

We meticulously test all of the coding and functionality of your site before moving on to the next step. Our team ensures that your website will have full working functionality across the range of industry supported web browsers. 

Step 5: Support

We offer all of our clients ongoing support and education. This service gives you access to inside information and coaching that will help you to leverage and build a stronger web business.