What Our Clients Say About Us

Photos of the PastI was awarded a large, national research grant in 2011 for a project examining heritage tourism in Australia via visitor photography. The project runs from 2012 to 2015, and during that time will need the support of a dedicated website to help capture and collate a large number of participant photographs. Such a website will also support the project more generally; as such, I felt it needed a professional and clean look, which is something that lies beyond my own technical competencies. I'd been shown examples of ITs Easy’s work prior to approaching them and was impressed with the fresh feel of their websites. So, I approached them and they provided me with a competitive and thorough estimate for a product that fit very well with the brief I had provided. 
Given the nature of the research project and the ethical requirements associated with it, I needed a website that participants could log into in order to upload photos using an alias. I needed it to have the capacity to accommodate a large number of images, each attributed to different participants. Importantly, these interactive elements needed to be intuitive and easy to use. 
ITs Easy very quickly understood my brief and responded with innovative solutions. 
ITs Easy delivered a product that fit my needs precisely: the website is colourful without being garish, and looks sophisticated whilst remaining intuitive and easy to navigate. Rob listened to my initial ideas and expectations, and responded graciously to my many enquiries and amendments along the way. He also gave me thorough instructions at the completion of the project - training which has ensured that I can administer and maintain the website with confidence. 
I recommend ITs Easy unreservedly. When I approached them, they understood my needs immediately and created a website with both aesthetics and accessibility in mind.  Rob is prompt and thorough; more importantly, he is very good at what he does. 
Emma Waterton
Lecturer, Tourism and Heritage Studies | Institute for Culture and Society
University of Western Sydney 
Diane's Quilting QuestI needed a website but I wasn't sure what I wanted or if I wanted one.  I explained my business to Rob and he came up with the solution. 
Rob actually listened to me, created a website and helped me set up a Facebook page that now really works.
Rob turned up when he said he would turn up.  I asked Rob for a few days to think about it and he left me alone for a couple of days to think about it.  It was nice not to be hassled.
I make mistakes when uploading pictures or I forget something, but Rob can fix it in a few minutes and then will show me or send me step by step instructions that I can follow the next time.
Unfortunately, at my age, I do tend to forget so to have Rob's manual for uploading to the website beside the computer helps me a lot.  I also know that I can ask Rob for help at any time and that he will happily help me without making me feel dumb.
I thoroughly recommend Rob for someone who gives the human touch to his business.  If you are not completely computer savvy don't be intimidated by other pushy web makers, give Rob a go!
Thank you Rob.

Diane Farrugia
Diane's Quilting Quest
(07) 3863 1853
Coops Drainage and CivilOur site was very messy and dated so we closed it to update the pages, photos and contents. Because we don't have an IT department in-house and the previous website services companies we used were unreliable (most of them don't even have a proper office & no one answer the call when I need help) so the updating process has been very slow. I then found ITs Easy's Services, they have an office nearby that I can drop into and I always speak with a real person when I call.
We received a report of our website at the first meeting so we know which areas the website needs improving.  Our website problems were solved quickly and the website was back on line in no time. 
Professionalism, Promptness & Reliability are what I receive from ITs Easy so why wouldn't you call them?

Penny Intaraphim
Coops Drainage & Civil
(07) 3287 1844
Rob,  The website that you have set up for us has changed the way we do business. It is user friendly, from our point of view as well as the customers.  We now can operate 24 hours 7 days a week, with the especially tailored on-line ordering system.  It is so easy to use and we have had many customers comment on our excellent website.  Now 90% of the new customer phone calls start their conversation with “I found you on the web…..”.  Being able to update the information so easily ourselves is wonderful.  Thanks so much.
Donna Denovan 
All Trailer Spares (Australia) Pty Ltd 
All Trailer Spares
The Tanning Room I would like to thank Rob for the outstanding service I received with regards to my business website The Tanning Room. He was such a great help. 
I had no knowledge on how to get a website running so I explained to Rob exactly what I wanted and he explained it all in terms I could understand. He was very fast and thorough with everything. I would and have recommended his business to anyone requiring this service.
Regards Natasha
The Tanning Room